Admission Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

Anti – Ragging Committee is constituted in the college to prevent ragging and to take anti-ragging measures as per the guide lines issued by the Supreme Court of India & UGC. To prevent occurrence of ragging in the campus an anti ragging committee headed by the Principal and consisting of representatives of faculties and police administration, students belonging to UG is functioning in this College. Ragging is totally prohibited in the institution, and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting ragging, whether actively or passively, or being a part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished, Ragging is a non-bailable, cognizable and punishable offence.

Sexual Harassment Committee

The college is having its women cell functioning in formal sense since the academic year 2014-15. The cell has been established in order to enhance the participation of women members of the institution in response to the recognition both in academic and administrative level. It aims to protect themselves from all kinds of discrimination and to assist them in overall development of their personality. The Women Cell of the college also organizes gender sensitizing programs, to create gender equality among students. The Cell ensures safe and secured college atmosphere to women students; redress all grievances of women students.

Discipline Committee

The COD is responsible for resolving complaints against students and student organizations and to decide the appropriate Institute response. The procedure that the COD uses to hear and respond to such complaints is described in the COD Rules and Regulations. These procedures are designed to ensure equity and fairness to the complainant and the accused.

Discipline Committee members hear and determine matters related to alleged professional misconduct and/or incompetence against College members. The parties to a hearing are the College and the member who is the subject of the complaint.

It is the responsibility of the Discipline Committee to determine if the teacher is guilty of professional misconduct or is incompetent and, if so, to determine and impose the appropriate order.

Cultural Committee

U.S. OSTWAL SCIENCE, ARTS & COMMERCE COLLEGE Cultural Coordination Committee is working with an objective of giving a holistic approach to professional higher education. The Committee intends to create an atmosphere, which is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating for the community on the campus.

In the pursuit of its objective, cultural and intellectual activities are held. In addition, the Committee also organizes workshops, seminars, lectures, demonstrations and stage performances on various topics relating to Humanities for the community of U.S. OSTWAL SCIENCE, ARTS & COMMERCE COLLEGE and the general public.

Placement Committee

The Placement Committee at U.S. OSTWAL SCIENCE, ARTS & COMMERCE COLLEGE is a student body which is responsible for carrying out all placements related activities. It is an elected body where the members are elected by students of the institute.

The committee members have to negotiate with the recruiters on various parameters. The process starts with these members pitching to the potential officials about the campus and the batch. Once the partner is convinced, and then negotiation takes place over profiles, salary, and shortlisting criterion.

Sports Committee

The Purpose of organized sports committee is to create an environment that stimulates selected movement experiences resulting indesirable responses that contribute to the optimal development of the individual’s potentailities in all the phases of life.

In this direction, to organize and conduct various activities, Sports and Games Committee is formed with the following objectives:

  • To help students to achieve a health-enhancing life of physical activity.
  • To help students to understand and respect individual differences among people in physical settings.
  • To provide for a safe physical environment.
  • To provide students with a variety of activities that will enhance life – long learning and participation.
  • To develop superior individual / team skills and prowess.
    To promote physical excellence.

Literary Committee

The main objective of Literary committee is to enhance the literary skills of students, to bring to light the hidden talents among the students and conduct various literary events providing a platform for the students to come up with their not so known skills . It strives in developing an unbounded and strong platform to bring overall development of the students.

Objectives of Literary committee :

  • To conduct competitions for literary events like Debates, Elocution, Extempore, Poetry writing, Essay writing, JAM and Group discussions.
  • To conduct inter and intra literary events in the college.
  • To encourage students to attend literary events outside the college.
  • To encourage students to make literary contributions to the college magazines in the form of articles, poetry and other write-ups.
  • To display newspaper clippings and thought for the day on the bulletin board.