From the Desk of Chairman……………

Umrao Singh Ostwal Chairman U.S. Ostwal Education Society

I come from a small town, Mangalwad (District: Chittorgarh) and it was my dream to educate people living in this town and in the vicinity. Looking to this, my futuristic approach is to make 360 degree round development of this area in the field of education, so that not a single person remain uneducated irrespective of the age/caste and creed. Thus could find a suitable employment for the daily needs in this world of cut throat competition.

I promise you and I take this challenge to change the entire education scenario of Manglawad and its periphery in time to come.





From the Desk of Managing Director………….

MR. KULDEEP OSTWAL Managing director, U.S. Ostwal Education Society

When the gushing streams flows,

When the howling winds blows,

When the cuckoos ran sprang out

of the clocks, Seems reasons enough to be there.

The identity known for his perseverance, devotion and is totally keen on the holistic development of every single employee and staff who is working in the family. His go getter attitude and researched based knowledge had helped the Ostwal Group to soar new heights and had taken the group up to the pinnacles of the success.


From the Desk of Director………….


U.S. Ostwal Science, Arts & Commerce College is the best available college in the region. We continuously monitor the progress of our students through our faculty and a team of able counselors. At our college we regularly conduct class tests, tutorial and quizzes as part of continuous evaluation system. Our modern laboratory is well equipped.

We invite all the students to share with them an experiences in quality education, aimed at providing high academic and professional excellence in a comfortable and pleasing environment.

From the Desk of Principal……………


Education is a process of defining Epistemology of Knowledge. It is also gaining awareness of facts, information, descriptions and most importantly skills. Competition is an indicator of limited resources. Achieving success through innovations and training is a true indicator of unlimited intelligence and useful allocation of resources.

Where to take higher education is a career affecting major decision that everyone faces. At our campus, we have the benefit of our size that allows us to focus on every individual student needs and nurture them to recognize and attain their ultimate professional goal.

This is my noble opportunity to help students realize their true potentials, reach their aspirations and become successful citizens of our community. Exciting times are ahead of us. I welcome you to be a part of our continuing success.